The device that will revolutionize eating (and health) habits

A new handheld device is expected to give as of Summer 2014 the opportunity to reliably check the content of food in your plate or even at the supermarket. It sounds hard to believe but this palm size scanner will instantly tell if the food in your plate contains pesticides, salmonella, gluten, nuts, etc. It will also outline the fat, salt, trans-fat, calories, etc. content per 100g. In a scheduled future development it should even provide the information per serving so that you know exactly what goes into your system.

First connect this low-cost scanner to your smartphone where you should instal the suitable app. Then to find out the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in any food, all you have to do is aim at the food you want to check and press the button until it beeps. Your smartphone will immediately display what you would like to know that may even not be disclosed on the label, such as trans-fat content (because of legally allowed tolerances).

To see how it works have a look at this 4-minute video:

If it is true this is a real game changer: imagine the new level of control you have on what goes into your digestive system… Imagine how you can monitor - and thus manage - your intake over time… Imagine how you can avoid food allergies or intolerances… Imagine how you can ignore the expiration date of food because you can actually check if the food is safe or not…
Imagine.. yourself refusing to eat the meal prepared by your distinguished friends because it contains salmonella or pesticides… 🙂

For more information on this exciting device currently developed by Tellspec have a look at the excellent article in Mashable