Having fun boosts performance

I have always stated that humor is a key success factor of success. There is now more and more scientific evidence confirming this observation. A 2010 study (Download Here) demonstrates that « Subjects in the positive-mood condition performed better than subjects in the neutral- or negative-mood conditions in classifying stimuli from rule-described categories ». For the […] Read more »

New era in publishing and innovation

New era in publishing and innovation with the launch of “Winning Opportunities, proven tools for converting your projects into success (without  a business plan)” Big day for the publishing industry: the launch of my new book with the innovative “set your own price” pioneers a new business model for writers. I hope to demonstrate that […] Read more »

Romance innovation

What can beat a good plan? A better and more audacious plan with a touch of surprise! If you need to be convinced look at Even if very few women actually forget their marriage, this one will remember hers forever. It confirms that the way things are done is sometimes more important than the end […] Read more »