The device that will revolutionize eating (and health) habits

A new handheld device is expected to give as of Summer 2014 the opportunity to reliably check the content of food in your plate or even at the supermarket. It sounds hard to believe but this palm size scanner will instantly tell if the food in your plate contains pesticides, salmonella, gluten, nuts, etc. It […] Read more »

The art of missing Opportunities

“Winning Opportunities” is about the art of identifying and seizing opportunities. I now feel I should write about the art of Not-missing opportunities. A good example is illustrated by the recent confession of Paul Otellini, Intel’s former CEO who admitted passing up one of the biggest opportunities in Intel's history -- supplying chips for the […] Read more »

Creating prototypes or even artwork without any manual skills

Since prototyping is one of the ways to reduce IpOp Model Unknowns any smart and cost-effective way to produce objects is very valuable. We knew of 3D printing but this technology seemed to be only for geeks or tech savvy experts. There is now a much easier way to produce 3 dimensional objects without buying […] Read more »

The secret of surviving adversity without damaging one’s health

There is no project or innovation without bad surprises or Hurdles. Scientific research shows now that resilience, a key success factor for innovators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, is essential for dealing with adversity. See article below that also explains what behaviors and attitudes boost resilience. For those who have attended my training seminar on Caring leadership […] Read more »

The art of dealing with Constraints

Constraints are a clear component of the IpOp Model presented in “Winning Opportunities, proven tools for converting your projects into success (without a business plan)” (free download on they must be respected or… circumvented. For those who have doubt that Constraints (laws and rules) are too limiting. Here is a very good illustration of […] Read more »

The Ultimate Test for Experienced Managers

Do managers really know how to check if a project should be launched (and receive resources)? Those who think they know can benchmark their set of criteria with other experts in a 5-minute survey. With some other professors I am launching an online survey to find out how decision-makers are allocating resources to projects, including […] Read more »

A new music experience: while showering

Singing in the rain

  “Singing in the rain” becomes easier than ever with the Moxie, a new showerhead that contains a Bluetooth speaker. Sound quality seems to be as good as it could be considering an environment that is not ideal for listening to music. Batteries allow for showers lasting up to 7 hours. Perfect present for gadget […] Read more »

Use your butt to identify yourself

To prevent car theft new technology relies on people’s rear end to verify that they are authorized to drive the car. With 98% reliability this security device with 360 biometric sensors is being developed by a team of Japanese engineers from the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo. It should reach the market in […] Read more »