“THE” Event for intrapreneurs: the Geneva Corporate Innovation Forum

Anyone interested in corporate innovation and intrapreneurship should attend the second edition of the Geneva Corporate Innovation Forum.

My participation to this conference last year led me to realize that it is definitely worth it. This forum is a rare opportunity for people interested to boost innovation in their organization to share best practices with peers and other experts: great opportunity to hear what does and what does not work in the area of corporate innovation.

Bringing together chief innovation officers, C-level executives, business school innovation experts and consultants creates a very fertile ground for exploring new avenues to boost competitive advantages.

I learned a lot in the 2010 edition and had very stimulating discussions. This why I have decided to actively support this event in 2011.

In 2010 I met very interesting people from different horizons and am now  even cooperating with some of them. With the improvements planned for this year the 2011 edition taking place
on October 6th 2011 looks even more promising.

The conference will of course cover high-tech innovation but also industrial, services and business models innovation. Since different industries will be represented (i.e. pharma, food, materials, chemical, machines, etc.) this creates a unique opportunity to share and learn from others. I expect this day to be quite inspiring.

Participation details can be found on www.genevacorporateinnovationforum.com