The Ultimate Test for Experienced Managers

Survey on Decision Criteria for Allocating Resources to Projects

Do managers really know how to check if a project should be launched (and receive resources)?
Those who think they know can benchmark their set of criteria with other experts in a 5-minute survey.

With some other professors I am launching an online survey to find out how decision-makers are allocating resources to projects, including innovation projects. Our objective is to determine to what extent the decision process is based on a structured approach and also to bring this issue of decision criteria to the attention of upper management.

To answer the survey go to

Since answering the question contained in the survey is not that obvious, it will be interesting to see how many decision-makers are up to the challenge.

Respondents to the survey will be informed of the results

In order to reach the right targets please ask all management and decision-makers you know to answer this brief survey.