New era in publishing and innovation

New era in publishing and innovation with the launch of

“Winning Opportunities, proven tools for converting your projects into success (without  a business plan)”

Big day for the publishing industry: the launch of my new book with the innovative “set your own price” pioneers a new business model for writers. I hope to demonstrate that it is a viable model confirming that readers can be trusted to decide the value of acquiring knowledge and skills. This is why the book can be downloaded free of charge at

I apologize to the publishing industry for challenging their current business model but we are in a world where everyone’s business model is being challenged. This might encourage publishers to come up with their own innovation to remain key players. The reality is that nowadays agility is the key word to survive and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. This is why agility is the central message of every single executive education program I design and run worldwide, whether in business schools or for corporations.

Agility also means being capable of seizing opportunities. This is precisely what “Winning Opportunities, proven tools for converting your projects into success (without a business plan)” does: it shows the roadmap for seizing opportunities in a corporate environment, for a startup, for non-profit organization or in the public sector. The book could even help publishers find new business development opportunities…

Since the content of the book is challenging the use of business plans to sell projects, I hope that it will also open a new era for innovators: a world free of business plans. The IpOp Model will help them end the business plan tyranny. It will also give them more time to focus on the key success factors for their project rather than spend time painfully writing a business plan.

In a Darwinian perspective the best way to weaken the business plan dominance is to generalize the use of a better alternative. I thus rely on readers to share with their friends and community the link ( to download the book free of charge. In any case readers are free to decide if the book is worth something and pay what they can afford.

Several people told me I was crazy to expect that readers will actually pay after reading the book. I would love to prove them wrong. I am not only curious to know if and how many readers will pay but I am also curious to know how many will actually tell their network of the availability of this free download.


Raphael H Cohen